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Liwan Oil Tools HR policy

Liwan Oil Tools is a perfect place for those who seek for stability, professional growth and high quality!

Personnel plays an important role in company successful functioning. We believe that honest relations between the employer and employee contribute to company development and loyalty of personnel.

How can we achieve that?

Labor safety is aspect of company life. There is a constant on-going improvement of working conditions, personal protective equipment (PPE) and working clothes. All of this is the result of successful communication between the company management and personnel.

We highly value professionalism as the major feature that each candidate must have. Each newcomer learns about the job requirements during the first day of work. A mentor is appointed to control and help the new employee especially if the job is unique and is performed in our company only. Improvement of professionalism and mastering in new areas of work is the key to increase of employees’ wages. 

All of the employees have equal opportunities in career growth within the company.

We aim at acquiring young perspective specialists therefore we work closely with technical colleges. Students have the opportunity to take practical course in the company and we are truly glad when after graduation they come back to Liwan Oil Tools as company employees.

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