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Valves & Actuators

wellhead-x-mas-tree-1.jpgLiwan Oil Tools is a valve stocking distributor for several quality brands, and can supply almost any valve requirement – ball, check, gate, globe, plug, butterfly or needle. We can also provide full automation packages built to the customer specifications. 

Ball valves: floating and trunion mounted
W-K-M, Cameron, Grove, TK, TBV, Nutron, Orbit, Apollo, Stockham, Navco

Gates, globes and checks

  • Bonney Forge – forged, cast steel, alloy, RP&C forged steel valves
  • Newco Valves – forged, cast steel, Newco, OIC
  • Cooper – alloy valves
  • Poyam – alloy valves
  • Shipham – alloy valves
  • Stockham – bronze, iron, cast steel
  • Kinka, Walworth – cast steel, alloy
  • Goodwin wafer check valves
  • Crane wafer check valves

W-K-M, Stockham, Demco, Newco – Trinity Triple Offset

Actuation packages

Rotork, Bettis

Plug Valves

Nordstrom, Resun, Texsteam

API-6-D Check Valves

Crown check valves-Division of Stream-Flo, Wheatley check valves

Needle Valves

Anderson Greenwood, Alco

Bleeder plugs


Manual actuation accessories
Babbitt Sprocket Rims, Chain-Away products

Automation and controls 
Rotork and Bettis
Direct gas, gas over oil, pneumatic

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